Great place to stay

Great place to stay. Have chosen to live here long term.

Seahorse Condos, Costambar Dominican RepublicI have lived at seahorse Condos for 6 months now starting in the middle of December. I would recommend this as a place to stay to anyone interested in visiting the DR. The following are some points that were important to me in selecting a place to stay.Security: Seahorse Condos has 24 hr staff on site. A large gated wall, closed at night, and a night security guard. Pool: The cleanest I have seen in the area. You can always see staff performing daily maintenance and cleaning out leaves, insects, and such that naturally fall into the pool.Grounds: Grounds and buildings are always maintained in very good condition. Grass and bushes always well trimmed and various flowers and trees distributed through the grounds. Seahorse Condos is on the top of a high hill with great views of the surrounding area. All apartments that I have been in are clean and well maintained.Hot Water: Never in 6 months have I had to take a cold shower (This is very important to me). Sometimes pressure is a little weak, but always hot water.Noise: Up away from the beach and the beach noise although the beach is within easy walking distance.Breeze: Very few days that there is not a nice ocean breeze blowing. In 6 months I have only used the air conditioning when taking a shower to keep the humidity down when I am dressing. I have never had to use it during the day or for sleeping at night.Staff: Very friendly and always helpful. Jack, the owner lives here 6 months of the year and can easily be contacted if the need arises when not here. Jack will bend over backwards to see that you have an enjoyable stay.Entertainment: There are several very good restaurants, the beach, tennis courts(with a great tennis coach (Isaiah) who speaks good English), are all within 5-15 minute walking distance. Power: Costambar now has 24 hour power.


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